“Oh why would you want that label” says the parent and well meaning friend, or sometimes professional who hasn’t a child with Autism . Autism is the only diagnosis that people still haven’t taken seriously. Its still the only diagnosis that comes with a parenting course first. I wonder if we said the same for other medical disorders. “Oh you dont want that Diabetic label”, Oh why must you label the poor kid with Arthritis at such a young age?” “Here take a course on Bones first”. Ridiculous!

It doesn’t sound quite right then does it.  Let me start off by saying Autism is a diagnosis, it is a legitimate medical diagnosis often given after really extensive assessments, numerous head banging moments of desperate doctor pleads by the parents or adult them-self to assess, and hours of soul searching and guilt, because your often told why label them or yourself! arrrrrrrggggggghhhhh, *sips wine*

Having a diagnosis can often help (or should) in numerous ways, first and foremost it can make all those years of soul searching, feeling different and knowing that your gut feeling was in fact correct, for may Autistic adult friends it meant that they felt heard and validated. For many parents it meant it should *ha ha should* open up the doors for services. It means you are able to receive *if your head is hanging off* some benefits.  It means that you may be on the path for obtaining  some specialist schools/colleges . But mostly that it is a valid medical diagnosis not a feckin label! Labels are for jars, for sizes on clothing, Autism is not a label.

Next time you want to spout the label card, you had better run very quickly , for I dont take kindly for telling people twice.

Namaste. *hic*